The Spring Menu Box

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Introducing our new Spring Menu. Some new dim sum dishes to complement our all-time favourite dishes

Seven dishes, complete with some oolong tea to help you along the way (23 pieces in total)

  • Uncle Leo's Handcrafted Lamb Dumplings
  • Mushroom & Bamboo Shoot Bao
  • Har Kau Prawn Dumpling
  • Mavis's Creamy Chicken Siu Long Bao Dumpling
  • Siu Mai Pork and Prawn Dumplings
  • Lo Mai Kai Glutinous Rice
  • Molten Salted Egg Custard Charcoal Bao
  • Black Dragon Oolong Tea

Dumplings arrive frozen. They are best stored and cooked from a frozen state and will be ready in 15 minutes. 


Family Size

Feeding your little dumplings too? Choose "family size" to get an extra four portions-  Har Kau, Siu Mai, Mushroom & Bamboo Shoot Bao and Lo Mai Kai. (34 pieces in total)

Suitable for a family of two adults and two young children. Also included are two re-reusable chopstick trainer holders for the little hands. Just wash and re-attach next time you have a family chopstick meal! 


Uncle Leo's handcrafted Lamb Wor Tip Dumplings

Lamb is the perfect representation of Spring. These crispy pan fried dumplings are a beauty.

"Wor Tips" translates roughly as "Pot Sticker", which is what they are more commonly known as. The name came from someone accidentally letting the water dry out when steaming the dumplings, leaving a crispy base. Wor Tips have a thicker dough than Japanese gyozas, and bigger too. 

Mushroom & Bamboo Shoot Bao

These are soft, fluffy steamed buns filled with umami-rich mushrooms and bamboo shoots.

There is an ancient Chinese myth that baos were meant to look like human heads, due to their pinched nose and round shape...

Creamy Chicken Siu Long Bao Dumplings


This creamy chicken siu long bao is
a thing of beauty. It only requires a short cooking time. Our Taiwanese friend Mavis recommends that
you let it cool and eat in one moreish bite. No dipping required.

Uncle Chan's Pork and Prawn Siu Mai

Siu Mai just might be the most famous dish in the dim sum canon and it is a mandatory order. The steamed dumpling is filled with a blend of pork and prawn alongside mushrooms, ginger and spring onion. Tastes great when dipped in the chilli oil. Back in the day, Uncle Chan and his wife used to make mountains of siu mais while watching Chinese soap operas on TV. They've since scaled up their business somewhat🙂

Prawn Har Kau

Har Kau is a dim sum staple: a prawn dumpling wrapped in translucent skin with carefully folded pleats. Inside, the shrimp is commonly combined with finely chopped bamboo shoots, scallions, and a generous sprinkling of white pepper. It’s delicious in it’s simplicity and can also benefit from a dip in the soy sauce that we've provided. 

Stella's Lo Mai Kai Glutinous Rice Parcel

These originated in the night markets of Guangzhou, China, where the earliest form of the dish was made by steaming sticky rice together with salted chicken and sausage in a small porcelain bowl. Nowadays, a lotus leaf is used to form the rice into a rectangular shape, which also imparts its flavour whilst steaming.

Salted Egg Custard Charcoal Bao

Mama Dang has spent many years looking someone who makes this bao. It’s special. A
bao with a liquid molten salted egg custard inside. Trust her. Salted egg is
amazing! Salted caramel may be a recent phenomenon (it apparently originated from a chocolatier in Brittany in 2008), but we married salt with egg as a dessert hundreds of years ago.