To Mama Dang, a char siu bao is not a bun. It's a time machine.

 It transports her back to her eight year old self, sat with her Grandpa at a dusty roadside dim sum stall on the outskirts of tropical Kuala Lumpur. 

Dim Sum is an important part of Mama Dang's family. She had her first date with her husband-to-be at a dim sum restaurant, and they even got married in one!

For her children, she wanted dim sum to remind them of happy family memories and rituals; the Sunday dim sum lunches sat in the back room of their favourite dim sum restaurant ran by their friend Kai in Earls Court. 



Then lockdown happened. Their favourite restaurant closed, and then sadly went out of business. Rituals had to change. She tried frozen dim sum in a Chinese Supermarket. They weren't great. Neither did dumplings from her local takeaway. They arrived soggy and sad. 

She then had a thought, "where are the dim sum restaurants getting all their dumplings?" She hassled Kai, and found the suppliers. They would only sell their dumplings if she committed to massive orders. So she had to find a tribe of dim sum lovers to make it work. Luckily, she found hundreds of other dim sum-starved lovers in her part of London who also had the same problem - love dim sum, but live too far away from a good dim sum joint.

So the journey of providing a little bit of joy to other dim sum lovers began with Saturday morning deliveries to her neighbourhood dim sum fans. We now hand over our deliveries to DPD, so that dim sum lovers all over the country can now also get their dim sum fix 😊



Yum Seng! is Dim Sum

Many of our dumplings are hand crafted and then blast frozen to keep them fresh. They are also much less fragile when frozen, giving us a decent window of time to deliver them to your home safely via our sustainable packaging. We dispatch all meal kits on a 24 hr delivery, and our packaging will keep the dumplings at -2°C up to 32 hours. Pop them back in the freezer as soon as you receive them and steam straight from frozen. Into your belly in 15 minutes!




Yum Seng! is Together

Our dumplings are from a carefully curated cartel of suppliers who know their trade and are extremely proud of their recipes. We have the unenviable task of product testing many different varieties of har kaus and potsticker dumplings to ensure that you receive the very best of the crop. 

We are proud to deliver to you juicy pork pot stickers from Auntie Lau, fluffy char siu baos from Cousin Kerry, and siu mais from Cousin Kai.



Yum Seng! is Home

Dim sum is about sharing the love. Back home, Amma (Grandma) would roll out the wrapping and the children and their friends would pleat the dumplings. Mama would steam them, and the whole family would gather round to enjoy them. It's great family fun, but it's time consuming work, so we only tend to to this once a year during the Autumn Festival. And we love dumplings far too much to only eat them once a year. So let our family friends do all the pleating and folding for you; simply steam your dim sum at home and enjoy them together with your mamma and amma and little baos.



Yum Seng! is Cheers! 

We yell Yum Seng! at weddings, Chinese New Year and other big celebrations. It means "drink to victory!"

Cocktails is life. It blurs the edges of our hard working lives and makes that evening dinner that little bit more enjoyable with your loved one. Date night at home, when the kids are in bed = winning!

We are proud to have handmade cocktails, freshly made to order by our friend Jonny from his bar in Peckham